B&A advises Mont Blanc Materne in defining its road to market in China

B&A advised Mont Blanc Materne on the best strategy to enter the Chinese market with its new product Go Go Squeez. GoGo squeez is a dairy pouch format product of the Mont Blanc Materne, a company acquired by the BEL group in 2016. With 150 years of existence, 3.3Bn€ of sales in 2018 and more than 30 subsidiaries and production sites in the world, Bel is a world-class leader in dairies and healthy snacking.

B&A has mapped out the universe of potential partners, realized the market overview, engaged discussions with the most strategic players, implemented roadshows, advised on the negotiation and the deal structuring so that over a period of 6 month Mont Blanc Materne had concluded a master distribution agreement with a leading local retail group of over USD10b of revenues and over 600 stores in China.

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