Bridge between Europe and China

The Chinese market has become key to any successful growth strategy. B&A is the leading independent M&A advisor for Chinese-related transactions.

Unique French team established in China for decades

Our team on the ground in continental China  is led by French professionals established in China for decades and benefiting from intimate knowledge and experiences of Chinese practices.

We help our client to find the right partners (acquisitions, build-ups, partnerships, co-investors, divestments) for western companies to develop in China, and to include successfully Chinese financial and strategic buyers in sell-side processes.

Benefiting for the new cycle in China

China has now reached the end of a cycle and the start of a “new normal” emphasizing on a qualitative growth over a quantitative one. Such a tectonic change has witnessed departure of large labour intensive industrial players and arrival of new edgy and disruptive consumer goods and technological companies.

M&A trends, a known barometer of changes and confidence in the economy says nothing different when the large natural resources Chinese outbound acquisitions of the last decade have progressively been replaced by acquisitions of innovative and premium products developed by western companies and desired by the mobile-native Millennials. Chinese digital, mobile and e-commerce world leadership make it the ideal laboratory of future trends in the West. Furthermore, consolidations, protectionism, uncertainties and government interventions add up to the winds influencing these trends.

In such an everchanging eco-system, B&A, thanks to the diversity of its team, its hands-on approach deeply rooted on the fields and its leading anchoring on cross-border M&A transactions, positions itself as the ideal advisor to identify the Chinese pearl to be acquired to accelerate inorganic growth or find the ideal Chinese acquirer of the Western “gold nugget” to help open the new chapter of its development…